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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it was shooting across the road, into puty hill park. we're only about a block to the east of perring parkway here. now, the road is -- was flooded in a couple of locations and starting to subside a little bit. but there's a lot of debris on the road. pieces of the asphalt. pieces of mud and dirt that came out of that hole. so it looks like they've got the water flow under control. and now, there's going to be a bit of cleanup and probably they'll have to do some serious construction for the damage that was caused under the road that we can't see right now. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13, i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> reporter: it is a mess out there. all right, captain jeff, thank you. coming up in a few minutes, an update on the area roads, from kristy breslin, wjz traffic control. shutdown, day 8. and neither side refuses to budget. now, president obama and congress are heading toward another deadline, raising the debt limit.
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danielle nottingham reports for wjz, from capitol hill. president obama and house republicans are standing firm with the partial government shutdown in its 8th day. and a deadline to raise the nation's debt limit, just nine days away. >> let's stop the excuses. let's take a vote in the house. let's end this shutdown right now. let's put people back to work. >> reporter: the president called house speaker john boehner tuesday morning, reiterating, he's willing to talk about the budget after congress passes bills to fund the government and increase the debt limit. without any conditions. >> members of congress and the house republicans in particular don't get to demand ransom in exchange for doing their jobs. >> reporter: speaker boehner said he does not have the votes to pass a clean, temporary spending bill or raise the debt limit. he wants the president to sit down and negotiate. >> there's never been a president in our history that did not negotiate over the debt limit. >> senate majority leader harry reid called all senators to the floor, to call on speaker
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boehner to reopen the government before launching negotiations. republicans want to talk now. >> we could sit down and negotiate with an hour -- within an hour, if we will stop. stop attacking each other. >> reporter: if the debt ceiling isn't raised by october 17th, the u.s. will run out of money to pay its bills. and economists say it could throw the country back into a recession. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the senate democrats are planning a vote this week to provide new borrowing, without new spending cuts. republicans want. the identity of a man who set himself on fire in washington, d.c. is released. vic is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: 64-year-old john constantino set himself on fire in the national mall. he poured gasoline on himself and lit a match. his suicide attempt was the result of a long battle with mental illness and not a
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political statement. constantino was so badly burned, official his to use dna and dental records to identify him. >> thank you. the man died at a hospital in washington, late friday night. the deaths of two divers at the aberdeen proving ground sends shock waves through the military. now they are charging four sailors with that tragedy. mike hellgren has new details of the court martial. federal investigators found big problems with this dive, including a breakdown in the chain of command. now, members of an exclusive diving unit are facing very serious charges. >> reporter: the massive super pond at ashdean proving ground is where two young divers lost their lives this year. james rare and ryan harris, plunged into the murky water, going from the boat at the smps to a helicopter, 150 feet below. b but according to published reports, both men quickly
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stopped responding. an investigation uncovered serious safety. now, four sailors involved in the dive are facing court- martial. they will be arraigned this week. that will happen at norfolk, virginia, where their names ask specific charges against them will be revealed. dave wilkins, who lives in aberdeen sone of many concerned and following the outcome. >> they're supposed to know what they're doing. supervisors should think what the risks are and how to avoid those sort of things. >> reporter: wjz has reports on the troubles surrounding this dive, including multiple violations. the occupational health and safety administration found. and chilling testimony from those who were there that day. >> reporter: at a military hearing, the dive supervisor said that everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong for us. >> in a controlled environment as such, the accident of that nature shouldn't happen. >> reporter: federal investigators found that the dive should not have happened,
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with seven violations serious enough to cause death. the fate of those in charge that day will soon be up to a military court. >> those arraignments will be up tomorrow and thursday. there was also a fifth sailor involved who accepted an administrative punishment. and he will not go through a court-martial. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. in january, a former marine, performing routine maintenance at the super pond died. the army says his death is not related to the other two. well, police in howard county are investigating a case of human trafficking. they have arrested 32-year-old craig anderson. a female victim went to a fire station in sykesville, with facial injuries to report the crime. the woman, who is not being identified, says she was kidnapped and anderson has been forcing her to have sexual relations for money, for years. she said there have also been other victims. howard county police are still investigating. meanwhile nbaltimore city, police are trying to figure out
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the cause of death of a man found floating in the inner harbor this morning. at 10:00, homicide detectives were called to the 800 block of south caroline street between harbor east and fells point. they found a man floating in the water near a pier. still not clear how long he had been in the water. an anne arundel county woman faces charges for the death of a motorcyclist. and police say it's because she was texting while driving. wjz is live. derek valcourt is live in north baltimore wmore on the charges. -- with more on the charges. derek? >> reporter: well, this marks the first time in anne arundel county, that someone has been charged with negligent manslaughter while texting. >> reporter: 30-year-old jonathan wesley roberts of virginia was a father, brother and son, who loved riding his motorcycle. march 10th, he was riding north here in gambrels. that's when then 19-year-old elizabeth haley myers drove a motorcycle into his path, as
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she tried to get to route 3. roberts died in the resulting accident. the anne arundel county state's attorney says they can prove myers was texting while driving. >> we have an eyewitness who was walking in the area. he saw her driving with one hand on the wheel and the other hand looking down and texting. we also have cell phone records, which confirm that she was texting at the time. >> reporter: myers now faces several charges, including negligent manslaughter. and she's getting little sympathy from fellow drivers. >> i mean, she deserves it. she deserves to get in trouble for something. she killed a guy. >> texting? come on. your hands, your mind and your eyesight is being used at the same time. you can't drive a vehicle doing those things. >> reporter: the charges against myers comes just days after maryland's newest dract distractive driver law takes effect. the police chief says criminal charges against myers should serve as a warning. >> this is a big wake-up call
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to everyone to knock ituf off, put phone down and drive your car. >> reporter: ifsly is convicted- - if she is convicted, that it is possible that elizabeth myers could spend up to 10 years in prison and be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines. though that is unlikely because she is a first-time offender. we're live. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, wjz could not reach elizabeth myers for comment on this story. the senator theater in baltimore is back. the 74-year-old baltimore landmark has been closed since spring of 2012. but is reopening this week. the reopening would begin with a fundraiser, featuring hair spray. city and state officials will be on hand thursday to help relaunch the historic movie house. the theater, while closed, has undergone $3 million in repairs and renovations. well, it is cloudy and cooler around baltimore tonight. live look outside right now. it's feeling a lot, finally, like fall. but will the cloudy weather
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stick around? meteorologist chelsea ingram is in canton at the canton crossing at the mobile weather lab. but we begin with bob turk in the first warning weather center. bob? >> after this weekend, it's about time it felt back like fall. let's take a look at temps now. we're at 64. 64, easton, ocean city at 63. and 59 up in oakland. the dew point coming up a little bit. it will continue to come up. and the temperatures not really going to go anywhere the next several days. and i'll tell you why. but right now, we're 6 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. because we had cleaned out. temperatures started to rebound after we had that rain. eastern shore, however, 14 degrees cooler now. and easton, 4 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. this morning, we dropped down to 47. 39 in oakland. and 55 over in ocean city. so what do we have coming our way? chelsea is live with the wjz mobile weather lab with a look at things ahead. chelsea? >> hey, thanks, bob. we'll get to that in a second.
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but first, check out our numbers. take a walk with me. some of the numbers with our mobile weather lab. temperature-wise, we are sitting around just a little over 66 degrees. relative humidity at 43%. things are honestly very comfortable out here. now, all of those temperatures are on the normal side. rainfall, not necessarily -- take a look at this graphic. we're actually a little above normal, rainfallwise for the month. but as far as the year is concerned, we are under about 4 and a half inches or a little over that. so we are going to see some rainfall headed our way. take a look at this other graphic. we've got a coastal storm. that is developing right off the coast of the carolinas. that's going to be heading our way. bringing us rainfall as early as tomorrow night. bob will have those details coming up in your exclusive first warning forecast. for now, i am live with the wjz mobile weather lab. here at the new canton crossing. let's go back inside to you guys. >> chelsea, thank you.
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well, still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. a massive salmonella outbreak is making hundreds sick. the likely reason why. health confessions. tom hanks reveals he has a disease that affects many americans. what health officials are hoping from his reveal coming up. travel with me to manchester, where three ravens players use their power, as ravens players, to influence these kids to get active for -- for 60 minutes. next. it is cloudy but seasonable around baltimore tonight. how long will things stay dry? don't miss the updated first warning forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is mostly cloudy. 64 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up.
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actor tom hanks makes a surprise announcement on david letterman about his health. he revealed he is now living with type 2 diabetes. local health professionals hope his diagnosis is a wake-up call for millions. >> you look wonderful. >> reporter: when tom hanks joined david letterman on stage, he began the conversation with an unexpected announcement. >> i went to the doctor, and he said, you know those high blood sugar numbers you've been dealing with since you were 36? wow, you graduated. you have type 2 diabetes, young man. >> said 57-year-old actor is known for taking on roles that require him to gain and lose a lot of weight. sinai hospital's dr. astrathomas tells me, those extreme weight fluctuations could play a role in hanks' diagnosis. >> clearly, when you are altering your weight, it affects metabolism.
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and then as we get older, that metabolism is slowing down. >> more than 20 have type 2 diabetes. including glenda ford, who was diagnosed two years ago, now sees a nutritionist, takes classes and talks with other patients at the diabetes resource center at sinai. like hanks, glenda says people are surprised by her diagnosis because she looks healthy, just like the actor. >> a lot of people tell me that all the time, you don't look like you have diabetes. but i have it. and i have to wake up every single morn and -- morning and remember that i'm a diabetic. i have to check my sugar every morning to to see if it's okay. i have to be very careful about what i eat. diabetes is nothing to take lightly. it's nothing to play with. because complications can come out of nowhere. >> complications include heart problems, foot, as well as increased risk of alzheimer. it is a combination of diet,
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exercise, and medication. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. as you know, we have been following the situation in parkville. water is gushing out. right now, putty field avenue remains closed. the best way around. at this point, the water has stopped bushing tout. but major repairs are under way. if you are traveling on the top side inner loop, expect at least a major avenue. minor slowdown from 70 pass liberty. traveling in the west bound direction. and northbound 95, slowing down from 32 to 100. a couple of new accidents out there as well. crain highway at wilson boulevard. clifton avenue at dennison. let's take a live look.
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as you can see, outer loop moving fine. this traffic report is brought to you by pnc bank. back to you. kristy, thank you. baltimore's largest new retail ship is officially open for business. christie ileto explains why this new retail center will hopefully keep local shoppers closer to home. >> reporter: hey there, kai. over 20 big name and local chain stores opened their doors today. and that means a big boost to baltimore's bottom line. >> reporter: scanners are sounding, and registers are ringing at five below. the store is one of the many shopping centers open for business tuesday. >> this is a lot closer. >> it's great to be so close to stores. >> reporter: canton resident emily nap says she would drive
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out of the way. >> i would drive to get things i need. so it's nice to have it here in canton. >> this includes 30 repailers. >> in january of this year, we started going with the buildings themselves. and 9 months later, here we are. >> it just doesn't just mean keeping local dollars local, it also put hundreds of baltimoreans back to work. >> the economic impact is significant. >> we are adding over 1,000 jobs in this first center with this first phase. >> but for, some it's all about one thing. >> very convenient. >> reporter: and it means a big return for baltimore's bottom line. and kai, we have been here pretty much all day long. the parking lot has been completely packed.
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and developers expect this retail had you been to be one of the most popular shopping centers in the city. back to you. looks like from behind you, it's already started. and for those stores that didn't open today, many will be open by later this month. of course, we have a very special holiday coming up in december. we think they'll be open by then. >> you know it. by december, it will be a lot colder than it is now, more than likely. but we've cooled down to 64. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at rain headed our way after this. ,
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i am live with the wjz mobile weather lab here at the new canton crossing. beautiful weather here. but changes on the way. bob has those details inside in your updated first warning forecast. bob? >> we've got rain headed our way, as you mentioned. so make your plans now. definitely looks like a pretty good shot we'll get some rain here beginning tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. right now, temperatures down a little bit from where we were earlier. 64, with a lot of clouds just moving in. cooler with clouds, 73, ocean city. pax river, 62.
5:24 pm
a little brighter, 67 in hagerstown. 67 in cumberland. and partly cloudy skies. 59 in oakland. and 68 in elkton. locally, temperatures in the mid and low 60s as the clouds begin to increase off the atlantic ocean. the winds continue to bring in that moisture. east/northeast winds. that's going to be the main player in that forecast the next three or four days. a continued fetch from the atlantic ocean will continue to bring in moisture, low clouds, rain and drizzle. breezy conditions. particularly on the shore. we can have wind gusts over 30, 35 miles an hour. by the type the end of the week arrives. so it's going to be a rough, rough couple of days at the beaches. but because of the constant flow off the ocean keeps pushing the waves. you have a lot of wave action. maybe even beach erosion in some locations. to the south of us, precip already breaking out along that stalled frontal boundary. and low pressure is going to be developing right pretty much right now, around the south and north carolina border. so already spreading rain. see that spin in the
5:25 pm
atmosphere? the clouds just around the blue ridge mountains. north and west, clear as a bell. south and east, that's where the clouds are building. in fact, if you look just south of the city, it's pretty much good overcast. north and west, still sunshine and breaks in the clouds. eventually, this all moves up toward the coast. we're looking for rain to break out. there you see it on the radar. south of norfolk now. into the eastern carolinas. most is offshore. but it's going to continue up the coast. some of it south of north carolina. definitely looks like we're in for rain. overnight tonight. cloudy skies. tomorrow afternoon, showers breaking out. and looks like it will become more steady kind of rain. and drizzle continuing thursday, friday. maybe even lingering into saturday. one of the models has even been into sunday because it just doesn't move much. not so positive about that. we'll check for you later this week. winds on the bay, gusting to 25
5:26 pm
knots. and a small craft advisory for sure. tonight, rather cloudy. down to 48. tomorrow, maybe a shower developing in the afternoon. lighter, steady rain tomorrow night. with temperatures probably in the low to mid-50s. may get up to 68 tomorrow afternoon. but -- >> more seasonable. >> yes. >> all right, bob. thank you the. the baltimore ravens team up with nfl play 60 at carroll county elementary school. mike schuh is there, with three star ravens players who let their inner child come out? >> to play like a raven during the season, you only get one day off a week. to play like a second grader at spring garden elementary, during the school day, you only have to know how to have fun. >> you know how to do a high five? >> yeah. >> high five. >> today, thanks to three grown men, for 400 kids, it's a fun, high-five kind of day. ed dixon, michael hoff, and jameel mcclain are making this
5:27 pm
a morning to remember. >> it is a small community in many ways. it is unusual to think about us being chosen by the ravens. >> the first to get all teammates through wins the play 60 challenge. >> reporter: these men remember meeting pros. now being part of their only day off is to remind the kids to do something active. >> they come back and spend time with the little kids. >> and nothing like it. it's nothing like it, when you hear the kids cheering. instead of saying ravens, they are saying wavens. it's a beautiful thing, you know. to hear the kids get excited. it's what we play for. it's what we do this for. it's what community work is. >> reporter: the kids dutifully remember today's lesson. >> the play 60 minutes of exercising. >> 60 minutes of exercise. >> reporter: but never forget, in second grade, who is the biggest star. >> that it was really fun. and the ravens bird came.
5:28 pm
>> ravens bird came. >> look at those guys over there. >> and the players. >> in hampstead, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the ravens take applications from schools for the grant every spring. >> so fun. so fun. >> might be on the team. never know. his dad will be right behind them. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. another arrest. police are inching closer to finding out what led to a violent assault on a new york highway. an update on this road rage beating. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, getting unmanned drones into manned air space. why maryland is poised to take off as eyewitness news continues. betting millions. i'm pat warren coming up. casinos in maryland reap rich rewards for the state. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:31. 64 degrees and mostly cloud nemaryland. good evening. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about. we are updating the breaking news wjz was first to report at 4:00. a water main break soaking streets in parkville. the water is turned off. wjz is live. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. captain jeff long has more. captain jeff? >> good evening. this is the way it looked when we arrived on the scene at 4:00. this water main break happened at about 2:00 this afternoon.
5:32 pm
they told us it was a 24-inch water main. shooting the water completely across the road. now, the location of this water main break is on putty hill avenue in parkville, near perring parkway. and they've managed to get the water main break under control. we should be arriving on scene in just a second here. we should be able to give you a shot but putty hill avenue remains shut down and will probably remain for sometime. and there is probably construction that has to be done because of the amount of dirt blown out from underneath the road. here's the look at putty hill avenue right now. we're coming up on the hole. and you'll be able to see how big that is. now, the pressure of the water, coming out of that hole, actually moved a slab of concrete.
5:33 pm
and a manhole that is attached to that slab. you can see that right there. and that's what things look like at this time. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13. i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> all right, captain jeff. thank you. quite a mess out there. we will have more updates on the storying come up as eyewitness news at 6:00. finding room in the sky for drones. it is a technical challenge maryland says it is up to. alex demetrick reports, if it can be done, it can lead to a big payoff. technology headed toward civilian use. provided it can fly safely with what is already up there. >> so you are trying to fit a system request an un -- with an unmanned system. >> they will test systems to integrate drones. >> so the idea is to take advantage of all of the infrastructure we have in place as well as the people, combined
5:34 pm
with the university system research effort and bring them to bear on the issues. >> reporter: jones has already branched into severe weather, riding into hurricanes along before -- long before they reach shore. >> the purpose is to give people that warning. >> reporter: on land, police are testing small eyes on the sky. >> i don't want to see this get shot out of the air. but i'd rather see that than after officer shot. >> keeping drones from getting people on the ground or in the air is a critical step to a new industry. >> reporter: it's estimated that globally, drones could be a $90 billion business. >> maryland's potential share. >> the potential for maryland is to gain $2 million of that. >> provided what is in the sky isn't the limit. >> and maryland is vying for one of the six sites the federal government will establish to test integrating drones into civilian air space. stor a tip from the public leads to an arrest in a hit-and- run accident, that has a
5:35 pm
carroll county teen fighting for his life. denise has more on the suspect in custody. >> reporter: well, kai, 47-year- old tenaya brown is in new jersey, arrested for hitting michael hatfield and leaving the scene. it happened in taylorsville. hatfield was trying to cross liberty road from the westbound side, when a car traveling west hit him. there are no crosswalks in the area. maryland state police believe brown was driving a 1999 mazda, when she struck hatfield. the mazda was recovered. and brown is awaiting extradition to maryland. >> the accident left hatfield in a medically-induced coma. currently in good condition at shock trauma. another arrest in connection with a beating of a motorist, pulled from his car by a group of bikers in new york city. janel borle has the latest. >> craig rice, covering himself underneath a blanket, as she was driven out of the 33rd
5:36 pm
precinct monday night. he is the fifth suspect arrested in the motorcycle road rage incident for the beating of alexian lyanne in front ofs of his wife and daughter. police searched the bags of each person leaving the house. >> he's a very nice young man. very responsible as far as i know. >> reporter: investigators say wright was one of the men in this video, where several bikers are seen beating lien on the pavement of a washington heights street. we're also hearing from the man whose helmet camera recorded the original video that has become viral. kevin breslove, seen at the police precinct over the weekend, was questioned by police and released. in an exclusive interview, senior correspondent, john miller. his attorney says breslove did nothing wrong. >> he's not in a gang. he's not affiliated with a motorcycle club. he's simply a motorcycle enthusiast that had a helmet
5:37 pm
cam on. >> reporter: meanwhile, police say the man who started the attack by slowing down in front of the range roser ver said he was only breaking -- braking to change lanes and find his friends. he and others are facing multiple charges. meanwhile, police are continuing to search for these two bikers, also part of the group, who they consider persons of interest. >> reporter: and they are also questioning at least two off- duty officers, including an undercover detective, who police say was caught on video, pounding on that suv. a public health alert is issued at 13 states about chicken that could make people sick. the federal government says 278 people have gotten sick with strains of salmonella, after eating chicken from foster farms in california. the chicken may still be on some store shelves because the company has not issued a recall. maryland is not one of the states that rfed the -- received the tainted poultry. appears to strike down part of the federal campaign finance
5:38 pm
law. right now, the court is divided on limits on direct contributions from individuals to candidates. justice john roberts says the cap is a restriction on first amendment rights. if thrown out, it would give the wealthier a bigger role in american elections. well, maryland casinos, they are bringing in the dough. gamblers generated $65 million in september alone. political reporter pat warren reports, once again, maryland live is the top money maker. >> reporter: there's a 10- figure payout to date. and dave chill coat wants a piece of that. >> what do you like about the poker room? >> i love texas hold'em. i could play them all day. >> and cards aren't the only draw. >> i went all over the city. wherever a car or bus went, i was in it. >> reporter: maryland live made $55.5 million in september.
5:39 pm
more than the previous $18.5 million. the new poker room contributed more than $2 million. >> if you are looking for a busy game, we got it, no matter what time of day. >> reporter: the hollywood casino in perryville, ocean downs and rocky gap, brought in a total of $65.3 million. the state and local government's share is more than $33 million. along with a lot of other really worthy causes, above and beyond what we're doing for the state's education trust fund, i mean, really, we're in a great position. and the state is, i think, seeing great results from us. >> reporter: caesar's horse shoe casino opens next year. i'm pat warren, reporting from arundel mills. back to you on tv hill. >> the total september revenue is a drop from the $71 million generated in august of this year. time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the edition of the baltimore sun. the senator theater returns
5:40 pm
from a movie showplace. a preview of the drunken bottannist event at the civilian arboretum. and learn about an 87-year-old marathoner running this weekend, who wants to run a marathon when he is 90 years old. for these stories and more, remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. one year later. a pakistani girl shot by the taliban is receiving new threats. is it keeping her from achieving her goals? coming up. and an anniversary trip goes bad. how a couple's one-day hike turned lengthy. and their daring rescue next. and we are live with the wjz mobile weather lab here at the new canton crossing. bob and i will have a look at your wednesday and five-day forecast, when we come back. ,,,
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purina cat chow healthy weight. west of us, still a little sun. but we've got clouds moving in. and those clouds will eventually bring us some rain. chelsea, live at the mobile weather lab has a look ahead. chelsea? >> hey, you are exactly right, bob. enjoy the dry weather while you
5:44 pm
can. because we do have rain on the way. take a look -- [ no audio ] >> chelsea? [ laughter ] >> reporter: all right. we're going to start the morning out with temperatures right around 51 degrees. by midday, we'll be around 68. chances of rail on the increase, into the evening. temperatures around the evening time, sitting at 60 degrees. now, let's go inside to bob for a look at the next five days. bob? >> all right. here we go. take a look at the next five days. not too happy. rain, probably showers by 4:00, 5:00. rain drizzle tomorrow night. more of the same on thursday. upper 50s. may get up to the low 60s. still a chance of rain on friday. may end early saturday. not 100% chance of that. 68. maybe a little brighter here on sunday, with again, the high in the upper 60s. kai? >> all right, bob. thank you. 60 people trapped in waist- deep floodwaters are trapped in kina -- china. armed patrol officers traveling
5:45 pm
by boat saw the people calling for help. they soon discovered they were trapped on the roof. they evacuated people. everyone was rescued safely. a group of heros is heading into syria. the world's chemical weapons watch dog is sending in a team under a u.n. resolution, there's been no word on how many extra inspectors will be sent or when they will deploy. a year after surviving a taliban bullet to the head, a pakistani teen is continuing her fight for education for young girls. nora o'donnell reports. malala yousufzai is unfazed by the new threats against her. >> reporter: a year after she was nearly assassinate the in pakistan for supporting girls education, malala yousufzai said the attack only strengthened her convictions. >> once the opportunity of
5:46 pm
going to school, we have seen terrorism. and we know that education is important. and we know that the terrorists were afraid of the power of education. that's why they stopped us from going to school. >> reporter: but malala remains unstoppable. her story gained worldwide attention and gave the teenage activist an international stage. >> they thought that the bullet would silence us, but they failed. >> reporter: in july, she celebrated her 16th bird -- birthday by addressing the united nations in new york. >> i'm here to speak up for the right of education of every child. [ applause ] >> reporter: she is also among the front runners for this year's nobel peace prize. and today, her autobiography will be sold in 21 countries, including pakistan. malala continues to receive threats from the taliban there. but she dismisses them and says one day, she plans to return to her country. >> reporter: when we are trying
5:47 pm
to make our future brighter, then we must do something for it. and the taliban or some people think that a girl cannot do it, and she cannot move forward. and i think that i can move forward. and i can do it. >> malala, who lives in england, now has been invited to meet the queen at a reception on october 18th. we're learning more about the travel history of a 9-year- old boy, who snuck onto a delta flight and ended up in las vegas. a county government memo says the boy has a history of stealing cars and sneaking into a water park. child protection investigators have conducted four assessments on the boy's family since december. las vegas authorities took the boy into custody when that plane landed thursday. the boy and his family have not been identified. but sources say his mother works at the minneapolis airport. a couple from arkansas is telling their story of survival, after a day-long hike at a texas park, turned into a
5:48 pm
harrowing five-day ordeal. vinita nair has the latest for wjz. >> reporter: kathy fry and her husband, rick macfarland wanted to hike at big bend park in fort worth, texas. but they were told to leave because of the government shutdown. instead, they decided to hike at a state park. but they got lost. >> we discovered there had been quite a bit of rain and flash flooding that had knocked a lot of the trail markers out of the way. >> reporter: the experienced hikers spent three days wandering in the blistering heat. kathy could barely walk. so they decided to separate. >> because i didn't have what it took to push on. and we were in pretty dire straits at that point. >> we said our i love yous, you know, to each other. and she wanted me to tell the kids to make sure to let them know she tried. >> reporter: after walking around for a few hours, macfarland, news photographer, saw something through his camera lens. it was a reflection from a car
5:49 pm
windshield. using his zoom lens, macfarland followed the reflection and reached rescuers. it took two days to find kathy, she was only about a mile from where the couple had started their hike. >> we stopped and just listened and heard a faibt -- faint "help." and we looked down. and there was kathy. >> reporter: incoherent from the lack of food and water, fry had taken all of her clothes off. she was severely dehydrated. had sun burn and bruises, but no serious injuries. vinita nair, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> fry is an award-winning reporter at the arkansas democrat gazette. macfarland is a photographer at the same paper. taking politics in his own hands. throwing away letters about obama care. this is a snapshot inside the fresno apartment complex garbage can. it's filled with mail about obama care. the mailman was fired immediately. an investigation into whether or not the mail carrier threw
5:50 pm
away the mail is now under way. he could face federal charges. long-distance swimmer diana nyad is back in the water. she is swimming in a tank in new york to help disaster recovery efforts for hurricane sandy. she will attempt to swim 48 hours straight to raise funds for the america cares, hurricane sandy relief fund. she began her adventure today. for all new stories, vic is standing by with a preview. of course, we'll keep you updated. massive water main break. the latest on the repair efforts and impact on the community. elizabeth smart talks about her abduction ordeal, and why she's writing a tell-all book about it. >> perfect, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news. more roster changes for the ravens as they get ready to face the green bay packers. >> mark has the latest coming up. ,,,,,,,,
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
the ravens face a tough kest this sunday, when the green bay packers come to town.
5:54 pm
sports director mark viviano joins us with the latest. >> the ever-evolving ravens roster continues to spin. receiver brandon stokley is back in. less than a week after he was released, stokley returns to the active roster. the veteran pass catcher catches a total of nine passes. he's been slowed by a groin injury. and released last week. that move gave the ravens roster flexibility. in that game, torrey smith continued to catch passes that has him well on his way to the best season of his career. smith has been the main receiver, which is even more impressive when you think about how short-handed the ravens were in miami. >> i was really happy to see the way our receivers played. it was tough. it was hot. we only had three of them. we have never had that before. you know? never had any experience with that before. didn't know how that was going to go. especially in that heat. >> tossed over the right shoulder and left shoulder.
5:55 pm
however that went. and joe made a great throw. it was a big play for us. deon tay went up for a ball down the field and got a big interference call. made some plays that way, too. so it was good. >> jacoby jones is going to practice again this week and could join the rest of the season corps against green bay come sunday. jones has not played suffering knee injuries back in the opening game. i'll have more on the ravens opening hour; plus looking to rebound from the loss at maryland state. we'll hear from coach randy edsel. >> sounds good, mark. thank you. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. breaking news. water spur. sending water dozens of feet in the air. the air. complete coverage continues,
5:56 pm
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last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. a water main break in baltimore county. wjz is live with complete coverage. navy super pod investigation. i'm mike shell -- helgren in aberdeen. with the new effort to bring justice in this case that includes a court-martial. a new retail had you been -- retail hub is officially open in baltimore. why it's keeping local dollars local. finally feeling like fall. are more changes coming? >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking
5:59 pm
news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. water main pros. >> tonight, the impact on the nearby community. hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. baltimore county, a serious water main break. a live look at the scene now from parkville and sky eye chopper 13. the water was just short off a short time ago. but you can see that there is quite a bit of damage left behind. sky eye chopper 13 is more on the repairs, but first we begin with meghan mccorkell. >> you can see, putty hill


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